Accredited by:
Utah State Board of Education

Our coursework fills the requirements to enter Utah colleges and universities
  • Contacting prior schools for academic and behavioral records;

  • (CCR) Career College Readiness;

  • Preparing and coordinating individualized education programs with counselors, therapists and parents;

  • Providing curriculum required by the school district and Utah State Office of Education;

  • Individualized instruction;

  • One-on-one tutoring;

  • Program exit assessment;

  • Official transcripts and diploma.

  • Academic challenges may result from special needs, school suspension, court-ordered compliance, working adolescents and adults, teenage parents, language barriers, and/or economic hardships.

    If students intend to return to their traditional high school and need to catch up to their classmates, we provide a transcript to their school of the coursework they complete while at Dorius Academy. Students may also earn a diploma, from DORIUS ACADEMY, unmarred by behavioral stigmas often associated with suspensions, failures, medical challenges or enrollment in wilderness programs and residential treatment centers, enabling students to move forward with their academics and their lives.